Kat Cunning Talks Music, Acting And New Single 'Supernova'

Between acting and music careers, Kat Cunning is always moving in multiple directions, but Kat has yet to be stretched thin by all the work.

Since launching a music career in 2017, Kat has only gotten busier as an actor, with roles in HBO's The Deuce, Netflix's Trinkets and the upcoming Jennifer Lopez film Marry Me.

Since last last visiting Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke in 2019, Kat's music has only continued to develop.

Kat's latest musical project is a play upon the duality in the new single, "Supernova," which arrived in two different versions with two unique music videos.

"'Supernova' is an awesome song. I'm very proud of it. I wrote it about a girl who broke my heart, who I knew was gonna break my heart. It's a tumultuous love story song and the first production of it with Sir Nolan is sort of an anthemic, super joyful version of the song. And I recently did a remix with PVRIS that brings out the '80s motorcycle heartthrob that gives my non-binary heart a lot of joy."

The PVRIS remix of "Supernova" is accompanied by a music video which plays more upon the song's sexual dichotomy in its unique visual treatment.

"I wanted to play these...exaggerated characters of feminine and masculine and I wanted to sort of be villainous."

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Here's the official music video for "Supernova (tigers blud)":