Alter Bridge Wrote New Album While Members Were On Tour With Other Bands

Alter Bridge's chief songwriters, Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy, are two of the busiest men in rock.

The pair's constant motion means getting very good at the art of setting up a makeshift recording studio on the road and collaborating despite great distances. It's a lot, but the pair is seldom short on inspiration; only time.

As Tremonti and Kennedy tell Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke, it's not work if you love doing it. Alter Bridge's sixth studio album, Walk The Sky, is due out October 18.

"Just gotta love what you do, man," Tremonti says. "Just keep on digging. Me and Myles always say, when we have down time, our favorite thing to do is what we do professionally. So we just like to be creative non-stop and never turn the machine off."

In the time since Alter Bridge's last studio album in 2016, Tremonti released his fourth solo album, A Dying Machine, and its accompanying novel. Kennedy released his solo debut, Year of the Tiger, and a new album with Slash & the Conspirators called Living the Dream.

There's been a lot of touring in-between, too. Kennedy arrived at Q104.3 less than 48 hours after getting off tour with Slash.

"It's busy," concedes the singer. "It's been that way for the last decade, really. Mark has [his solo band] Tremonti and Alter Bridge and I have Alter Bridge, Slash & the Conspirators and now [my] solo entity. These are great problems to have. Geez, what a great life."

Tremonti worked two jobs to put himself through college, so he's happiest when he's hustling.

But their various projects mean Tremonti and Kennedy aren't often in the same place at the same time. Kennedy says the two have become savvy at working out their ideas wherever they may be in the world at a given time.

"As time goes on we're utilizing the technology more and more, as far as, demoing separately because we're always on tour in different bands," Kennedy adds. "We've gotten very familiar with the idea of setting up a studio in a hotel room and doing a demo and putting it up on whatever our choice site is there, so we can all check it out and listen to what each guy is working on."

Check out the full Out of the Box interview in the video player above or here.

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Here's the music video for Alter Bridge's "Wouldn't You Rather":

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