Greta Van Fleet Talks Double EP, the Woman Behind the Band Name, More!

The pride of Frankenmuth, Michigan, young, old-soul blues rockers Greta Van Fleet have blown plenty of minds over the past year or two by channeling their classic rock heroes into a unique, modern heavy rock monster, From the Fires, a double EP, is available now.

Band members, brothers Josh, Sam and Jake Kiszka and Danny Wagner—all between the ages of 19 and 21—aren't complete outliers for their generation. Of course plenty of kids today grow up with a deep love for classic rock—that's why Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters and so many greats are still selling out stadiums. But few young bands ever get this good.

They might seem like prodigies but to Greta Van Fleet's credit, in their interview with Q104.3 New York's "Out of the Box" with Jonathan Clarke, they don't gloss over the thousands of hours they've already put into their craft. Lots of the credit, they say, goes to Rust Belt Studios producer Al Sutton for smartening them up.

"We'd been in and out of [the studio] for two straight years, not really releasing anything," Josh recalls of the band's learning curve. 

"When we set foot in that studio, we didn't know anything about how to make an actual recording," Sam adds. "We knew what it entailed, but in those two or three years we really learned a lot from Al about how to record songs."

With their parents' encouragement, their producer's patience and expertise and their collective drive to improve and take their music seriously, Greta Van Fleet rapidly grew a following in advance of the release of their first EP, Black Smoke Rising, this past April.

Watch the full interview and performance of an acoustic version of "Black Smoke Rising" above. 

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Here's the official video for "Highway Tune":

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