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AC/DC Nods To 'Highway To Hell' In Official Music Video For 'Demon Fire'

More than a month since first teasing it, AC/DC has unveiled the official music video for "Demon Fire" from the band's comeback album, PWR/UP, which is available now.

AC/DC first teased "Demon Fire" the day before Halloween, but the track is the third single released, following "Shot in the Dark" and then "Realize."

The "Demon Fire" video is almost completely animated, offering only glimpses of the band members as a chase unfolds through a hellish desert highway. The imagery makes allusion to another AC/DC classic, "Highway to Hell," and even ends on a cliffhanger. It remains unclear with what single the band will pick up the story.

Check out the "Demon Fire" music video above!

Though it was recorded and mixed in 2018, AC/DC's seventeenth studio album, PWR/UP was released November 11.

Engineer Mike Fraser recently told Ultimate Classic Rock that the band likely delayed the album release initially in order to sort out questions about its reunited lineup.

While frontman Brian Johnson had made progress addressing the severe hearing loss that had caused him to depart the band's 2016 'Rock or Bust' tour, questions remained about Johnson's ability to perform in concert. Furthermore, bassist Cliff Williams had retired following the 'Rock or Bust' tour due to a host of health issues and drummer Phil Rudd was still sorting out legal problems stemming from a criminal case against him from 2014.

Fraser surmised that the band waiting to let the pieces fall into place.

AC/DC then planned to release PWR/UP in the first half of 2020, lead guitarist Angus Young confirmed to Q104.3 New York's Jim Kerr, but the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the band to hold off.

When it became clear that touring in support of PWR/UP was off the table indefinitely, Young said the band settle on the Nov. 13 release date.

"We wanted something to hopefully boost everyone's spirits," Young explained. "We had made it before all this pandemic and we were gearing up to do a lot of promo just before the pandemic thing happened. We had all been together, we'd all been playing away ... rehearsing and stuff. We had just finished up doing that. Then a week later, all around the world, the big virus [was] coming in. That put a big delay on a lot of stuff. It affected everyone, you know?"

The band plans to return to a stage once the pandemic restriction allow, but until then, at least fans have a new album to enjoy.

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