Phil Collins Sues Ex, Alleges Extortion To Get Her To Vacate $33M Mansion

Music legend Phil Collins is suing his ex-wife Orianne Cevey to get her and her new husband out of his $33 million mansion in Miami, Florida.

According to court documents, Cevey broke up with Collins in August via text and got married to 31-year-old musician Thomas Bates in Las Vegas. But she wants to continue living in the former Genesis drummer and lead singer's Miami house.

Collins argues that the property is 100 percent his and his ex has no right to it. He's reportedly been trying to get her to leave since Aug. 6. In return, she is allegedly threatening to release private information about him unless he pays her a "preposterous amount of money based on an oral agreement that does not exist."

Cevey's attorney countersued Collins, claiming he verbally agreed to give her half the value of the Miami home and recently reneged on the deal.

Things have been complicated between Collins and Cevey before, but not quite to this degree. The couple married in 1999, had two children together, Matthew and Nic, and divorced in 2008 with Collins handing over a record $46.7 million. But Collins and Cevey stayed close and even reconciled in 2016.

This week, Collins claimed that Cevey wouldn't let him enter the Miami home. He says she hired at least four armed guards to patrol the property, changed security codes for the alarms, blocked surveillance cameras and barred real estate agents from showing the house.

On Tuesday, a judge put an agreement in place that protects things of Collins' that are still in the house. Additionally, Collins' team will enter the home to identify what belongs to the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and retrieve it on his behalf. Any items in dispute will be put into storage.

A new judge in a different court will be assigned to the case in the coming weeks to determine whether Chevey and her new husband will have to vacate the house.

Photo: Getty Images