Old Photos Show Eddie Van Halen As A Loving Father, Family Man

There's no question that family was a huge part of Eddie Van Halen's life.

Eddie and his older brother Alex Van Halen learned to play music together as children and went on to co-found one of the most enduring bands in rock history. The brothers are the only two members of Van Halen to appear on every release by the band.

Since the news of his passing broke last Tuesday, Eddie's warmth is a characteristic that has been brought up over and over in tributes by those lucky enough to cross paths with him.

Eddie was a serial hugger who loved to make people feel welcome as much as he loved to play music. As Queen's Brian May and others noted, Eddie was always smiling when he played guitar.

Another thing that always made Eddie smile was his son Wolfgang.

Eddie was a proud father who often praised his son, publicly and privately, to whoever would listen. He jumped at the chance to make Van Halen even more of a family affair in 2006 when he brought Wolfie in to play bass in the band.

Wolfie has made a habit of sharing old family photos via social media over the years. And since his dad's death, Wolfgang has shared a series of black & white photos of the pair, from recent years to candid throwbacks from childhood.

Check out some of the shots below or here in Wolfie's feed.