Queen's Brian May Trying To Focus On 'Lessons,' 'Joys' Of Isolation

Queen guitarist Brian May was one of the loudest voices in music urging people to take seriously the novel coronavirus from an early stage.

He worried aloud last month about western governments' slow reaction to the virus as it spread beyond Asia, and he urged people to begin social distancing.

In a recent interview on Britain's ITV, May explained that he's concerned about the virus on multiple levels, from his and his wife's personal vulnerability to it (based upon their ages) to broader concerns about the pandemic around the globe.

But as someone who has wrestled with depression for much of his life (including a recent incident on tour that aggravated his symptoms), May says he's learned that during dark times it's important to focus on positive things and what you can control.

"I'm kind of getting through it, and I find that there are joys to be found in isolation," he said. "There a lot of stuff. People are getting very creative, and when we come out of this, I think there will be some great lessons we have learned."

He added that many companies have learned that employees can do their jobs from home just as well as they can from the office; people are spending time with their families; and there's been a drastic reduction in carbon emissions that's cleaning up the air we breathe.

"All these things which we think are part of our society and can't be got rid of, all the evils that humanity has brought to the world, they're not inevitable," he continued. "Maybe we can change. Maybe we need a new direction."

Many people are using isolation as an opportunity to learn new skills, try new forms of exercise or give meditation a try. People are donating to good causes and helping one another.

May himself is inviting fans to jam with him almost nightly, as he gives an up-close look at how to play some of Queen's classic tunes on the guitar.

Photo: Getty Images

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