Watch Journey Perform, Steve Perry Give Speech at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Journey's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame reunion didn't go the way most fans hoped, but it was still pretty cool to see guitarist Neal Schon and estranged former singer Steve Perry together on a stage, even if they weren't performing together.

Whatever disagreements the band and Perry had in the past were at least tabled for the benefit of the Hall of Fame festivities. Both Schon and Perry took time to recognize and thank one another.

Perry stepped up to the mic, looking as if he was chocking back tears. After taking a moment, he began talking about how before he was THE voice of Journey, he used to see them at a local club in Los Angeles.

"Though their musicianship was absolutely par to none," Perry said, "there was one instrument that was flying above the city of Los Angeles. That was the magic fingers of Neal Schon's guitar."

Perry, who was struggling to get a record deal at the time, recalled how one of his demos made it into the hands of Journey manager Herbie Herbert, who passed the tapes along to the band and got Perry hired in Journey.

"Guys, I thank you so much for all the music we've written and recorded together," Perry said. "It will be forever in my heart. Thank you."

But Perry didn't leave the stage before recognizing current Journey singer Arnel Pineda, whom he met backstage for the first time, and talking directly to the fans.

"From my heart, I must tell you," Perry said, addressing the fans, "I've been gone a long time, I understand that. But I want you to know that you've never not been in my heart. I love each and every one of you."

Journey went on to perform "Lights" and "Don't Stop Believin'" with Pineda on vocals.

"This is a special song about our city by the bay," Schon said, introducing "Lights." "We're glad to be in your city right now. If you could light this place up, I'm gonna dedicate this to Steve Perry tonight."

In case you missed the ceremony's HBO broadcast on Friday, you can see Journey's performance below.

Photo: YouTube / Cal Vid

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