2 Female Condors Have Babies. No Men Involved?

Two Female California Condors Give Birth To Chicks Without Mating

  • Scientists say that two female California condors each spontaneously conceived two chicks within the last 20 years with no male involved.
  • The rare process that leads to creatures reproducing spontaneously is called parthenogenesis.
  • Scientists don’t understand how the process works but hope it could lead to a way to save endangered species like the California condor.
  • Source: The New York Post

The Full Story:

Researchers at the San Diego Zoo have published a report on two cases of parthenogenesis in female California condors over the last 20 years. That means the females conceived chicks with no males involved in the process. The process is rare, and even more rare in birds.

The California condor is a critically endangered species, and scientists are trying to understand the process; it may be a long shot to save endangered species, but they say just now have the tools to look at the process in detail.

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