What? Stone's New Underwear Line! Lips, Tongue and Everything!

Rolling Stones team up with MeUndies company to launch new underwear collection

You can't always get what you want, but if what you want is some Rolling Stones-themed underwear, well, that you can get!

The British rock legends have partnered with the MeUndies apparel company to launch a wide-ranging line of underwear and other clothing items emblazoned with The Stones' famous red lips-and-tongue logo.

The limited-edition line features items for both men and women, including briefs, boxers, jogging pants, thongs, T-shirts, bralettes, socks and more.

You can purchase items from the line now at MeUndies.com. According to a post on the website, Rolling Stones-themed hoodie and rompers will be added to the collection soon.

Meanwhile, a contest giving away the entire Stones line to three lucky winners has been launched at the MeUndies Instagram. To enter, you can post a photo or video of yourself rocking out in your underwear to MeUndies Instagram or Instagram Story pages. The winners will be selected randomly on June 30.

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