Whoa! New Forbes Highest Paid Athlete Top 10. Serious Money!

The Forbes “Highest-Paid Athletes in the World” list for 2021 has been released.

This year, Conor McGregor gets top-spot honors, even though most of his cash didn’t come from his sport, but from the sale of his whiskey brand.

 Conor McGregor - $180 million (only $22M came “on the field”)

 Lionel Messi - $130M ($97M on-field)

 Cristiano Ronaldo - $120M ($70M on-field)

 Dak Prescott - $107.5M ($97.5M on-field)

 LeBron James - $96.5M ($31.5M on-field)

 Neymar - $95M ($76M on-field)

 Roger Federer - $90M (all of it off-field due to injury)

 Lewis Hamilton - $82M ($75M on-field)

 Tom Brady - $76M ($45M on-field)

 Kevin Durant - $75M ($31M on-field)

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