Long Wait, Maze Runner 3 Is Out All Trailers/Clips

See, when you're an actor in a lead role (as Dylan O'Brien was in this film). Sometimes ego and pride get in the way and you think you can do your own stunts (which takes away jobs from professional stunt people who make their living and feed their families from this work.)  THEN, you do the stunt and something goes terribly wrong, horribly. Dylan, in this film, got seriously injured which then shut down production and delayed the film for a year.  That puts everyone out of work while you recover.  But it was insured, you say?  Yes, and the money that was drained out of the insurance company then gets passed on to everyone else.  

So it's a LOSE/LOSE and not a WIN/WIN for everyone.  Needless to say, I want to support this movie to help the movie make money so they can pay those that had to wait to get back to work.  Next time you hear someone say, "Ohh he did all his own stunts!  Think, "Ohh he took the food out of Stunt People's families mouths."

-Marc Coppola

Marc 'The Cope' Coppola

Marc 'The Cope' Coppola

Marc "The Cope" Coppola is a native New Yorker who can be heard on Q104.3, 101.5 KGB, and more!


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