Kingsmen The Golden Circle. Or Kingsmen 2


Here's my review:

Director Michael Vaughn (Kick Ass, Kingsmen) back at it in the sequel  "The Golden Circle."  Same amount of dry British humour but even more  high octane fight sequences.  This guy choreographs just about the best  action fight sequences I've ever seen going all the way back to "Kick  Ass."  Colin Firth is back after dying in the first, not a  spoiler because he was in every trailer so how can he be dead?

My  almost 14 year old daughter saw the first one 7 times. So she's a  better critic for this than me. Cayley says not quite a good as the  first because it was a little too long BUT loved the addition of the Kingsmen's American counterpart The Statesmen. Of course both are secret  agencies sworn to uphold and protect their countries.  Good  performances turned in by Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and  Julianne Moore (villain) Great performances by lead actor Taron Everton,  Colin Firth, Pedro Pascal (Narcos) and Elton John...yes Elton.   Kidnapped and made to perform private concerts for Julianne. But even he  has a fight sequence.  You'll have fun!  They even have a line of clothing: Suits and Boots.

3 stars

Marc Coppola

Marc 'The Cope' Coppola

Marc 'The Cope' Coppola

Marc "The Cope" Coppola is a native New Yorker who can be heard on Q104.3, 101.5 KGB, and more!


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