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Slash Unsure Whether He Owns A Copy Of Massive Guns N' Roses Album

Photo: AFP

Lots of artists are forward-thinkers, but when Slash says he's not interested in listening back to what he's done, he means he's never owned copies of some of his biggest records.

Speaking with Goldmine, Slash says there's very little in his home that suggests he's a rockstar.

"I don't collect any of it," the Guns N' Roses guitarist said. "If you were to come to my house, you'd be hard-pressed to know I was in a band. Or at least any band you had heard of. I mean there's instruments around, but I don't have any, like, souvenirs or anything special from the releases over the years."

He continued: "I don't think I've ever owned the Appetite for Destruction record. And even if I did, I didn't live anywhere, so I wouldn't have any place to put it! Granted, I did have a lot of records I've kept. But I just never was one to sort of really collect records of the bands that I'm actually in."

Slash went on to explain that once an album is completed, he moves on to thinking about the live shows for that material. He rarely struggles to remember his songs because of how much he plays live.

"And it's exciting if you hear it on the radio or something. But I don't listen to it otherwise," he said.

Guns N' Roses is getting back on tour this September. Go here for tour dates and more information.

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