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Black Crowes' Robinson Brothers 'On The Same Page' With New Music

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Black Crowes siblings and cofounders Chris and Rich Robinson say their relationship remains solid, three years after they announced their reunion.

The famously-bickering brothers exchanged apologies and put much of their bad blood behind them in 2019. Last summer, the Black Crowes got back on tour, celebrating the 30th anniversary of their landmark Shake Your Money Maker debut album.

With the band about to head out again June 9, the Robinsons tell Ultimate Classic Rock that all is well between them, and new music from the Crowes is coming.

"Especially with Rich and I being on the same page, being in a place where we can communicate — being in a place where we, not to sound cliché, but have an eye of the prize. It makes it even sweeter, you know?" Chris said of last summer's reunion tour.

The Black Crowes split up last in 2014 with Chris, Rich and cofounding drummer Steve Gorman going their own ways. Five years later, the brothers revived the group with an all-new band around them, acknowledging that they needed to prove to one-another that they could get along as peers.

After bringing on-again-off-again bassist Sven Pipien back into the fold last year for the Shake Your Money Maker tour, the Robinsons set about recording again, delivering their six-track 1972 covers EP.

While Chris and Rich have been working on originals, they tell UCR that making the EP was another healing step for them as creative partners.

"Rich will play me something, and it'll get the wheels turning," Chris said. "It could be the smallest little thing about something he plays that would dictate, you know, varying shades of melancholy — or anger, or sensuality, or whatever it is."

The Black Crowes have tour dates announced in the U.S. through August. Get them all here.

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