Jerry Cantrell Is Working On A New Solo Album

Alice In Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell is looking forward to a busy year, despite his main band taking some time off.

An architect of the '90s grunge movement from Seattle with Alice In Chains, Cantrell released two solo albums (including a double-album) around the turn of the century and has contributed music to films and other artists in the intervening years.

Cantrell recently announced a partnership with Gibson Guitars. And in a conversation with Cesar Gueikian on Gibson's YouTube channel, Cantrell revealed plans to release more solo material before getting back to it with AIC.

"We were gonna take a year off, so I thought maybe [I'll] do some shows," Cantrell said. "I'm working on some new music as well. There's going to be some exciting things. I don't want to say just yet what's happening, but there's going to be some cool s--t happening this year."

When Gueikian asked about the nature of Cantrell's new music, the guitarist confirmed that there will be some acoustic-driven songs "and there's some heavy stuff. It's a cool mix of both."

Cantrell's band mate, and fellow Gibson fan, William DuVall released his debut solo album last fall.

DuVall will resume his solo tour in February. Get those tour dates here.

Photo: Getty Images

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