The Who Cut Short Texas Concert After Roger Daltrey Loses His Voice

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The Who's concert Wednesday in Houston, Texas, was called off after eight songs when front man Roger Daltrey lost his voice.

Daltrey has fought issues with his voice for years, even undergone surgery to repair his vocal cords.

Video from the concert shows Daltrey struggle through part of "Who Are You" before eventually giving up trying to sing, leaving Pete Townshend to take on the lead vocals. Townshend then sang "Eminence Front," after which Daltrey informed the crowd that he was unable to continue the show.

"I think I should quit while I'm ahead," Daltrey told the audience, before walking offstage.

Townshend followed his longtime partner and then returned to the stage as the bearer of more bad news.

"I'm really, really sorry," he said. "Roger cannot actually speak now. Apparently, before the show he saw a doctor, and, you know, he's been singing so f---ing great through this tour. I don't know what the f---'s going on. He has been on top of his game."

Rather than cobble together a new set last minute, Townshend called off the concert, noting that the band's 'Moving On!' tour is "Roger's show, really. It's a vocal show, and he's not in good shape."

The guitarist then thanked the orchestra and the audience for their understanding, promising to return when The Who's schedule allows.

The band has yet to give a statement on plans to makeup the concert.

Daltrey said earlier this year, that after all the issues he's been through with his voice, he probably only has a few years of singing left in him.

The Who have a new album, WHO, due out in November.

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