Is Journey Breaking Apart Before Our Eyes?

The apparent feud between Journey guitarist Neal Schon and keyboardist Jonathan Cain has been playing out on social media for weeks now. 

You'd think by now the two would have come to some sort of agreement to cut it out -- at least publicly. They haven't. 

According to one of Schon's most recent Facebook posts, the two are no longer speaking.

Schon recently wrote that as Cain tries "in press" to discredit his songwriting contributions to Journey, Schon wrote that he is "removing [Cain] from my life."

The guitar great may have been referring to this interview with Sun Herald in which Cane neglected to mention that Schon had any part in writing "Don't Stop Believin'" with himself and Steve Perry.

Schon clarified that Journey is not breaking up. But given the apparent candor of some of his recent posts on the subject, you'd think Cain's time in Journey is coming to an end.

Journey is on tour through July 30 and it can't be easy to fire a longtime collaborator while you're on the road, assuming Schon even has the authority within Journey to do so.

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While Schon is active on social media and seems game to answer any question posed to him, Cain hasn't directly addressed the situation publicly; his social media feeds consist mostly of inspirational quotes and Bible verses.

Cain's Christian faith, his wife televangelist Pastor Paula White-Cain and his politics appear to be a stumbling blocks for Schon, who wrote in a reply to a user on Instagram that his issues with his longtime band mate go back "since he married."

White-Cain is the minister who delivered the invocation at President Donald Trump's inauguration.

The mixture of politics and religion into the secular business of Journey doesn't sit well with Schon, who says he's fought to protect the band's "brand" since Gregg Rolie retired from Journey in 1980, hiring Cain to replace him.

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