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Alex Lifeson Says Rush "Will Be Doing Things Together Again"

Two-thirds of Rush are reportedly open to regrouping.

Drummer Neil Peart, however, appears to still be in retirement, as guitarist Alex Lifeson says he hasn't "heard from Peart in quite a while."

Rush did their (maybe) farewell tour in 2015, after which Lifeson left the door open for the trio to reconvene in the future.

Around that same time, Peart compared himself to an athlete at the end of his playing career whose body and mind can no longer endure the rigors of performing like it used to. And that's understandable given the physical nature of the drums, and the fact this is his instrument.

During an interview with Volume channel, Lifeson said he's considering releasing music -- and possibly not in album form. Although he did not say with whom we is working or when he might be ready to put something out, Lifeson added that he and bassist Geddy Lee "definitely" have plans to collaborate on new music.

As for Rush as a whole, Lifeson offered this: "We will be doing things together again."

Whether that means Rush will make new music, tour or simply collaborate on reissues or the release of live material in the future is not clear.

One thing is almost certain: Lifeson and Lee will not do anything as Rush without Peart or his approval.

Lee, meanwhile, has been busy accumulating new guitars and basses for a forthcoming coffee-table book, featuring photos of his massive collection of stringed instruments.

The bassist's cleverly named Instagram account (@GeddyImages) offers followers a look at some of his favorite new instruments, his dogs and other sights from Lee's life.

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