Science Shows the Bassist Is the Most Important Member of a Band

Yes, Geddy Lee is the most important member of any band.

Ah, we're kidding (sort of).

But have you ever wondered why almost every band has a bass player, even though they just seem to stand in the back and make weird faces? Whether it's rock, jazz, funk or pop, someone is always holding it down on the bass!

Science has confirmed that this employment phenomena is not just one for aesthetics i.e. to make everyone else in the band look cool. It’s actually because bands need bass players just like they need amplifiers, instruments and food and water!

A new study concludes the bass line is the most important sonic element of a song.

Your brain has an easier time finding the rhythm of a piece of music when the sound is played in a lower tone, such as that of a bass guitar or an upright bass, says the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The researchers also found that people were more likely to tap their feet to songs with prominent bass elements than songs in which higher-pitched sounds of guitars and drums are more present.

Furthermore, a similar study by Northwestern University found that songs with a heavy emphasis on bass tones make people feel more confident! That’s heavy metal and funk for ya!

Ever try to listen to music through tiny speakers from a battery-powered radio or a phone? Not enjoyable, huh? What’s not enjoyable about it? Not enough bass in those speakers, that’s what.

Of course this all confirms what bassists have been mumbling about for decades!

Okay, bass players, you're all right after all. But no, you're not getting a solo.

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