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Jonathan 'JC' Clarke

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Justin Hayward: Solo Tour Presents Moody Blues Songs 'The Way I Wrote Them'

Justin Hayward's career has come a long way from the height of the Moody Blues' workload, but he says he loves his career these days and is finally able to focus his efforts on the joy of music and not the business.

Speaking with Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke, the former Moody Blues frontman and guitarist says he's a largely deadline-free musician these days — it's peaceful territory if not the height of productivity.

"I'm a lazy person, so I should write more," he laughs. "[Writing] was easier in the old days when I was under pressure to come up with something. Now I'm just kind of doing it for my own pleasure."

Justin released his latest single "Living for Love" last year and has embarked on his 'Blue World' tour this summer with Christopher Cross. Audiences are in for a great show with Justin's greatest solo work, his Moody Blues hits, as well as some of his personal favorites.

"I love it," Justin says. "I love being with my crew. I've always had great people with me. I love being with [my band] Julie [Ragins] and Karmen [Gould] and Mike [Dawes] now. And to do my songs really in the way that I wrote them, more like the way my demos were — even Moodys songs, not just solo things. And so this is really what I want to do now. I'm enjoying it so much."

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Watch the official video for "Living for Love" via the player below:

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