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Momma On The Diminishing Irony Of Their 'Household Name' Album Title

Momma started innocently enough as an outlet for singer/guitarist Allegra Weingarten's infatuation with Nirvana, and has grown steadily into a legitimate heatseeking new rock band.

The band's potential is significant enough that the irony of their Household Name album title might be getting lost on some.

"I don't think the [album] name was a manifesting kind of thing, I think we just thought it was king of tongue-in-cheek," Allegra tells Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke. "But yeah, I mean, if it happens, it happens."

While there are some conventional similarities between Momma and its '90s alt rock influences, Allegra and singer/guitarist Etta Friedman aren't fully comfortable with being labeled a "grunge" band.

"Someone said nouveau grunge, which I'm more okay with because if that's it own thing, that's cool," Allegra says. "But to be completely honest, I couldn't tell you a song from any other grunge band besides Nirvana. Like, we just don't listen to Soundgarden or Alice In Chains. ...I don't think that's us."

Household Name is available now via Polyvinyl Records.

Allegra also discussed the album's latest single, "Motorbike," which she concedes is not at all about Etta's motorcycle accident.

"I had a really big crush on this boy and he rode motorcycles, obviously, and he just wasn't that into me, which is fine," she explains. "The song is kind of just about the fantasy, the daydreams, sometimes you fixate on them so much that they start to become real in your head. That's what the song's about. He's out there somewhere."

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