LISTEN: Shirley Manson (Garbage) In Studio! New Lindsey Buckingham & More!

The Complete 6/13/21 "Out Of The Box" Playlist

Garbage - "The Men Who Rule The World"

Duran Duran - "Invisible"

Foo Fighters - "Making A Fire"

The Pretty Reckless - "Only Love Can Save Me Now"

John Mayer - "Last Train Home"

Steve Conte - "Recovery Doll"

Lindsey Buckingham - "I Don't Mind"

Jackson Browne - "My Cleveland Heart"

Counting Crows - "Elevator Boots"

Michigander - "Better"

LISTEN: Sunday Night, 6/13/21, 9pm eastern

Shirley Manson of Garbage in Studio!


Shirley Manson

New Lindsey Buckingham!

Lindsey Buckingham

New John Mayer!

John Mayer

New From The Pretty Reckless!

The Pretty Reckless

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