LISTEN: Zakk Wylde In Studio, New Counting Crows, Coldplay, Health & NIN!

The Complete 5/9/21 "Out Of The Box" Playlist

Black Label Society - "Heart Of Darkness"

Lapeche - "Bells"

Repeat Repeat - "For Leaving You"

Counting Crows - "Elevator Boots"

Kings Of Leon - "Echoing"

Homeschool - "Smartest Man"

Coldplay - "Higher Power"

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - "We're On Our Way"

Health & Nine Inch Nails - "Isn't Everyone"

Styx - "Crash Of The Crown"

LISTEN: Sunday, 5/9/21, 9PM eastern

Zakk Wylde In Studio!


Zakk Wylde (Kathy Flynn)

New Music From Health And Nine Inch Nails!

Health & Nine Inch Nails

New Music From Coldplay!

Coldplay (Getty Images)

New Music From Counting Crows!

Counting Crows (Getty Images)