LISTEN: New Wolfgang Van Halen, Rise Against, Meg Myers & More!

The Complete 3/28/21 "Out Of The Box" Playlist

Repeat Repeat - "For Leaving You"

Green Day - "Here Comes The Shock"

Rise Against - "Nowhere Generation"

The Things We Were - "Plaid Shoes And Tattoos"

Authority Zero - "Fire Off Another"

Lapeche - "Finally Trying"

Hot Breath - "Right Time"

Mammoth WVH - "Don't Back Down"

Foo Fighters - "Waiting On A War"

The Offspring - "Let The Bad Times Roll"

Dirty Honey - "California Dreaming"

Dead Poet Society - "Coda"

Lord Huron - "Not Dead Yet"

Meg Myers - "The Underground"

Marc Ribler - "Shattered"

LISTEN: Sunday Night, 3/28/21, 9PM est.

New Music From Wolfgang Van Halen!


Wolfgang Van Halen

Wolfgang Van Halen

New Music From Rise Against!

Rise Against (Getty Images)

Rise Against (Getty Images)

New Music From Meg Myers!

Meg Myers (Getty Images)

Meg Myers (Getty Images)