Corey Taylor Is Planning Socially-Distanced Live Solo Tour This Spring

Corey Taylor is planning on supporting his debut solo album, CMFT, with a handful of live shows this spring.

With states beginning to reduce restrictions on public gatherings as COVID-19 cases decline, Taylor is hopeful that he'll be able to perform in person for his fans, with precautions, by late-April and May.

The Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman made the revelation in a recent radio interview, explaining that he's planning for about three weeks of tour dates.

"Some of the places we'll be doing two nights in one city," Taylor said. "It'll be completely social-distanced, which means there'll be pods with space around it, and the only people allowed in the pod are the people who came with that group."

Furthermore, temperature checks will be administered at the door of each venue, he added, and guests will need to provide proof of a negative COVID test within 48 hours of the show or they won't be permitted inside.

Taylor is one of many prominent rockers who has been urging people to follow basic COVID-19 safety precautions throughout the pandemic, so our world can get back to normal sooner than later.

In addition to being desperate to shake the rust off as a live performer, Taylor says he's encouraged by progress in the fight against the virus. He also wants to help his crew get back to work.

"...[T]his is the test to see if we can start to kind of inch back towards reality with these in place — at least until the vaccine has had a chance to kind of do its thing."

Taylor says an official announcement is coming in the next few weeks, as his management hammers out the details.

Photo: Getty Images