This Mashup Of TOOL, Taylor Swift Will Make You Rethink Everything

As the saying goes: the Internet is undefeated.

So if someone on YouTube tells you that the music from Tool's "Stinkfist" fits perfectly with Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," you kind of expect it to work, as disparate as the two songs are musically and aesthetically.

From 1996's groundbreaking alternative metal opus Aenima, "Stinkfist" is a lumbering lament of the constant distractions of the modern world that is as relevant today as ever. Swift's ebullient post-breakup anthem "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" came roughly 16 years later on her hit album Red and remains a fan-favorite.

YouTuber William Maranci uploaded the mashup on August 15, just as the rock world was reveling in Tool's first new song in over a decade, and as the release of Swift's highly-anticipated new album, Lover, drew ever closer.

While "Stinkfist" and "Back Together" don't have a lot in common in terms of feel, Maranci cleverly discerned that both songs are in the same key and recorded at nearly the exact tempo. As such, there's no sweetening of Swift's vocals to make them work with the music, and Tool changes up its riffs at the same time Swift transitions from verse, to chorus and back again.

"Stinkfist" is about two minutes longer than Swift's tune, but the song even breaks down in time for "Back Together" to end.

Maranci also edited in the unsettling visuals from the "Stinkfist" music video to further blend the songs.

Check out the mashup in the video player above or here.

Swift's new album was release last week, while Tool's Fear Inoculum arrives this Friday.

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