Kirk Hammett Says He Has Hundreds of Demos for Next Metallica Album

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett says when it's time for a new album, he'll have to review at least 'five hundred' ideas.

After losing an iPhone in 2014 that included 'hundreds' of song ideas, Hammett says he's rebounded (though not fully) and written a mountain of new riffs.

In an interview with British GQ, Hammett said he's overcompensated since losing the old phone.

"I have about five hundred ideas now at this point," he said. "Plus, I'm sitting on a lot of…what I feel is really, really great music that is just waiting to be developed. Every day, I'm just picking up my guitar and then thinking about those lost ideas and then thinking, 'I've gotta generate more ideas,' in the hopes that maybe one or two of those old five hundred ideas that I lost might trickle through."

Metallica's latest album, Self-Destruct, is the first since its 1983 debut, Kill 'Em All, on which Hammett isn't credited as a songwriter.

Hammett joined Metallica after Kill 'Em All was written.

Frontman James Hetfield has said in interviews for Hardwired that Hammett was absent for many of the album's writing and recording sessions, and that the ideas Hammett submitted just didn't excite the band.

Metallica is currently touring Europe as part of its WorldWired Tour. Get the dates here

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