How Stewart Copeland Tricked Adrian Belew into Joining Gizmodrome


Stewart Copeland has nearly completed his transition from the showman drummer for The Police to a stratocaster-wielding frontman for Gizmodrome!

With new bandmate, guitar virtuoso and former King Crimson frontman Adrian Belew at his side, Copeland tells Q104.3 New York's "Out of the Box" with Jonathan Clarke that he's having a blast with the new project, which also includes bassist Mark King (Level 42) and keyboardist Vittorio Cosma

"The agenda is pasta; that's it," Copeland says regarding the summers he spends in Italy with Cosma and the genesis of the band. "But one day we decided to record a record. And that's where Adrian comes in."

And when Copeland and Cosma decided to make a rock album, that meant getting four guys in the same room, in the flesh, making noise and writing songs. When it came to finding a lead guitarist, Copeland said there was only one person he wanted to call.

"By the way, we didn't start this band," Belew explains. "They asked me to come over to Milan to have fun in Italy and play, maybe, on three or four tracks...'I'll come over, yeah. We'll sit out in the sun. We'll eat pasta, yeah.'

"And then, you know, a couple days in I recognized that I wasn't playing guitar on tracks, I was playing guitar on basic tracks. All of us playing together, and that meant, 'Wait a minute, aren't I supposed to be playing funny sounds and making wild notes and stuff like that?

The answer to that was no, "Because you're in a band now!" Belew laughs.

So when it came time to see if they could bring the band to life, the four musicians were in agreement; Gizmodrome will tour in 2018.

Gizmodrome's debut album is due out September 15. You can pre-order it here

You can also keep up with the band via Facebook and Twitter.

Watch the full interview above with Belew and Copeland's performance of their song "Summer's Coming."

Hear a preview of the Gizmodrome's debut album here:

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