Warren Haynes Talks Riding the 'Fun Bus' with Gregg Allman; Performs


Longtime Gov't Mule mainman and Allman Brothers Band guitarist Warren Haynes says it broke his heart that he couldn't be at Gregg Allman's funeral.

Haynes was touring in Spain when he got the sad news this past June. While it was impossible for him to return to Macon, Georgia, in time for the memorial service, he tells Q104.3 New York's "Out of the Box" with Jonathan Clarke that he treasures his memories with Allman from their years of sharing a stage and a tour bus. 

"I saw him shortly before he passed," Haynes says. "Derek Trucks and I drove down and spent some time with him. And it was great to just sit around and tell stories. It really was heartbreaking that I couldn't be [at the funeral]."

Haynes joined the Allman Brothers Band in 1989 and shared a tour bus with Allman and bassist Allen Woody.

"Usually when [Gregg] talked about the old days, it was funny stories," Haynes recalls. "The three of us shared a tour bus, and that was the fun bus. That was the bus that was listening to music and cracking each other up and those are my fondest memories of us just cutting up and laughing."

Haynes points out that if Allman never hired him, he might never have started Gov't Mule with Woody.

Mule began recording its new album, Revolution Come, Revolution Go, on Election Day 2016, but Haynes says the band was more concerned with addressing the widespread division within the country than pushing its politics.

"There are a few songs that have some sort of political connotation," he says, " but they're from an observer's standpoint. I don't like to get into a preaching sort of position...There's probably more songs about reflection and relationships because Gov't Mule just celebrated our 20th anniversary [in 2014]." 

Watch the full interview above with Haynes' performance of Gov't Mule's new song "Traveling Tune." The new album, Revolution Come, Revolution Go, is available now.

Keep up with Haynes (@TheWarrenHaynes) and Gov't Mule on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and at the band's official website here.

Listen to the first single, "Stone Cold Rage," from Gov't Mule's new album here:

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