Bert Kreischer Talks Lifting With Arnold, Going All Out For His Premiere

Bert Kreischer and Arnold Schwarzenegger are both renowned for their physiques and for playing the the title role in films about machines. So when you think about how much they have in common, it's not surprising that Bert and Arnold linked up recently for a workout.

Speaking this week to Q104.3 New York's Jim Kerr and Shelli Sonstein, Bert recalled "one of the best experiences of my entire life."

"He was everything you want him to be," the comedian said of the Terminator. "He's the movie star. He gave everyone that moment. And he was so complimentary of me: he was saying, 'Look at these shoulders. You have great deltoids. Your calves! These are body builder calves! You're a movie star. Isn't it crazy? This is what action stars look like now!' He was the best."

Bert added that Arnold reconnected after his semi-autobiographical movie, The Machine, came out in May, telling Bert that he considered the film a "big victory."

The Machine has already earned more than $10 million at the box office and was competitive in that regard on Memorial Day Weekend, going up against Fast X, The Little Mermaid, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

While there are other Bert Kreischer projects in the works, now that The Machine has arrived, he is turning his attention to his 'Fully Loaded Comedy Festival' this spring and summer.

Watch the full conversation via the player above!

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