Las Vegas' Sphere Announces Major Advancements In Cinema Tech

One of the world's greatest sounding music venues has also developed one of the most cutting-edge visual experiences in history.

Sphere Entertainment on Monday announced the launch of Sphere Studios, dedicated to creating media-defying immersive entertainment at the Sphere in Las Vegas and at future venues worldwide.

Among the Sphere's first groundbreaking achievements is 'Big Sky' — the world's highest-resolution cinematic camera system, which is said to represent "a significant advancement on current state-of-the-art cinema camera systems, including the largest image sensor in commercial use capable of capturing incredibly, detailed large-format images."

Filmmakers armed with the Big Sky system will be able to capture extraordinary images in all manner of environments — including underwater — at a resolution 40-times clearer than 4K.

To go with the extraordinary camera is new software to process and edit the gigantic images. All of which could change the way movies and documentaries are captured and screened for years to come.

Some of the 'Big Sky' tech has already been previewed in advance of U2's fall residency at The Sphere.

The public's first opportunity to experience the full-potential of Sphere Studios' creation will be when 'Postcard From Earth' opens at The Sphere on October 6.

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