'Spawn' Creator Offers More Details On Upcoming Movie Announcement

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane dropped by the Jim Kerr Rock and Roll Morning Show to offer more hints as to what his big announcement is later today.

UPDATE: McFarlane has confirmed that Joker's Scott Silver, Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Malcolm Spellman and Matt Mixon are writing the script for the film.

While actor Jamie Foxx has been tied to the film since 2013, McFarlane says his team has finally made a breakthrough to get its long-awaited movie made.

"If anybody is into Marvel movies and DC movies, we've added some new talent," McFarlane told the show. "The geeks out there will be very, very excited when they hear the news."

McFarlane said all will be revealed at noontime Wednesday.

"They'll go, 'Who's joining the team?! Oh my god, this is legit. They actually might make this movie!'" he said.

Once the new cast members are announced, McFarlane says they'll be able to finally iron out a deal with a production studio and start filming.

Keep an eye on McFarlane's social media feed for more details when they are available.

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