Shelli Sonstein Takes Us To The Movies

“Borat- Subsequent Moviefilm”.. on Prime Video. 14 years after the original, it’s hard to imagine people not recognizing the Borat character created by Sacha Baron Cohen. So, I’m hearing it’s not as ridiculously hilarious as the first. But rarely does a sequel top the original, much less match it. And what we need most these days is to laugh. Judging from the reaction on Rotten Tomatoes, this will keep you laughing for 95 minutes. It gets 83% on Rotten Tomatoes and even “The New York Post’ says “it’s leagues better than most of the comedy trash we’re handed by Hollywood”.

“Friendsgiving”…it’s what we’re all told to avoid this year. A big gathering of friends and family on Thanksgiving. And if you don’t mind almost completely stereotyped characters, this one is a meh-ly humorous way to pass the time . Malin Ackerman, who I still miss on “Billions”, plays a successful actress who throws a friendsgiving on Thanksgiving Day with her BFF from childhood , played by Kat Dennings- the most authentic character in this movie. Jane Seymour deserves better than constantly playing the hyper-sexed grandmother. Christine Taylor , as a trophy wife, doesn’t even get to speak, because her character has had so much botox she can barely move her mouth . Wanda Sykes & Margaret Cho are wasted as the fairy gay mothers because they get maybe 2 minutes on screen. It’s still fun to watch all these stars together- just wish the script was more creative.

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“Radium Girls”…another hidden figures story. This one happened right in our backyard in Orange, New Jersey right after women won the right to vote: young women falling ill from cancer working at U.S. Radium Factory, where they made glow-in-the-dark watches using radium. Some of these women turned activist. Joey King & Abbie Quinn star. Producer/director Lydia Pilcher joins me on “Sonstein Sunday” this weekend at 7:15 AM.

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