A Kindergarten Teacher May Lose Job Because Of Tattoos

A 35-year-old kindergarten teacher in France is at risk of losing his job because some parents don't like his tattoos. Seems his entire body, including his face and even his eyeballs, is covered in tattoos and that's an issue with some parents at the school. 

His legal name is Sylvain, but he goes by Freaky Hoody on social media. He claims that his superiors want him to stop teaching kindergarten children after receiving complaints from parents regarding his unconventional looks. But Sylvian says many of the parents who have complained don't even have kids in his class and that "with the parents of the children in my class, everything is going well." Nevertheless, he says he's no longer allowed to teach kindergarten because the member of L'Education Nationale doesn't want to deal with parents' complaints anymore.

He adds that his tattoos have no effect on his teaching abilities and that he has always done his job to the best of his abilities. His unique situation has sparked a heated debate on French social media, with some users claiming that his abilities as a teacher are the only thing that matters, while others say his bizarre appearance should make him off-limits to small children.

Source: Yahoo