Woman Who Sawed Off Own Hand Found Guilty of Fraud

In Slovenia, 22-year-old Julija Adlesic carried out one of the most gruesome and ridiculous schemes hoping to collect a $1.2 million insurance policy payout. Instead of cashing that check, she's going to jail for a few years.

The woman cut off her own hand with a circular saw and showed up at the hospital with her boyfriend, Sebastien Abramov, claiming she'd accidentally severed her hand while cutting tree branches. The couple didn't bring the hand along, however, in an apparent attempt to keep doctors from being able to reattach it. That effort proved futile, as the hand was soon recovered by police and reattached to Adlesic.

Prosecutors say that she'd taken out five insurance policies about a year before the hand-chopping and that Abramov had also conducted internet searches on artificial hands. Abramov received a three-year prison sentence, while his father was hit with a one-year suspended sentence, although it's not clear what role the father played in the crime. Adlesic never wavered from proclaiming her innocence. 

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