Twins Plan On Getting Pregnant At The Same Time By The Same Boyfriend

Australian twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque bill themselves as the world's most "identical twins." They do look exactly alike and apparently want to do everything the same.

They appeared on a morning TV news show in Australia and made a big announcement. They plan to get pregnant at the same time. They also plan on having their shared boyfriend help them accomplish this. The 34-year-old sisters explained that while they had always had separate boyfriends before, now they share boyfriend Ben Byrne. Anna said, "Ben accepts us for who we are. It has been equal from day one and there is no jealousy." Lucy added, "If he kisses Anna he'll kiss me straight after."

It also seems Ben has no trouble telling the twins apart, even on the phone. Anna added, ‘We will grow old together and die together." They've been together for nine years and the pair are looking into freezing their eggs at exactly the same time and trying to conceive using IVF because they 'want to experience pregnancy together.'

Photo credit: ITV