COVID-19 inspires new sculpture about social distancing and Kevin Bacon

When I say the term Social distancing I bet the last thing you think of is art. Well now you have a reason to think of it. A brand new statue erected in Hamilton, Ohio, put a fun spin on social distancing that is definitely thought provoking.

Picture a six-foot-tall piece of plywood, made to look like a delicious strip of bacon, standing straight up with a big metal ring around it that creates an approximately six feet circle.

Hamilton News reports that the sculpture is called "Six Feet from Kevin's Bacon."

And, yes you guessed it, it is a play on the game six degrees of Kevin Bacon, where players are challenged to find the quickest connection between the famous actor and a not-so-famous one.

The statue was created by artist Nick Bauer, in which demonstrates the physical representation of proper social distancing since no one can stand any closer than six feet from Kevin's tasty bacon. Besides attention, he wants his statue to spark conversation and deep thought about the precautions put in place since the COVID-19 outbreak.  

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