Man Doesn’t Want To Donate Sperm To Twin Brother

A man has taken to Reddit to ask for advice on whether he is wrong for not wanting to help his twin brother become a dad.

The man writes that his twin brother is his best friend, but as close as they are there’s just one thing he can’t quite get his head around doing. The OP notes that when they were young his brother had some medical issues that left him infertile. Well, now that the brother and his girlfriend want to start a family, they’ve come to him for help.

The OP shares that he and his wife decided that because of their lifestyle they don’t want to have any kids. Now the brother has come to him asking him to donate sperm so his girlfriend can have children that are biologically related to him, insisting the OP would just remain the “fun” uncle, but he has some issues with the request. 

The problem is, the OP simply doesn’t want to do it. “I know they'd still be his biologically but they would also be 'mine,’” he writes. “And this isn't a one-time occurrence they want. She wants more than one kid. So I would be the one that 'fathered' them." The OP says people in his family have chimed in with their opinion, with some telling him to just do it, and others saying it’s his choice and he shouldn’t be guilted into it. 

But when he asked Reddit for advice, he also got a lot of mixed reactions.

·“They can ask. You can say no," one person noted, "But if your reasoning is only that you'll technically be the father ... you know you aren't on the hook for anything, right? They would be your brothers kids, not yours. You'd be the uncle. That’s it."

·Another added, "It is your body and your choice but I also think you should seriously consider it and maybe have a therapy session with them or something.”

·Some did take his side though, with one person noting, “It would be amazing to give your brother an almost perfectly biological child, but if you don’t feel comfortable it’s your choice.”

·Another added, "the saying "your body, your choice" equally applies to men.”

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