Kellogg's Redesigned Toucan Sam and Fans Are Not Happy

Ever herd of the term if it’s not broken don’t fix it? Well that’s exactly how I feel in this situation. Kellogg's has given Froot Loops mascot Toucan Sam a makeover. BUT WHY!?

Breakfast cereal cartoon mascot aficionados aren't loving it. Toucan Sam has been the animated ambassador for Kellogg's' Froot Loops brand since 1968.

Last week, the company unveiled a new look for the cartoon character making him “brighter and simpler.” Kellogg’s says it's more in line with the cartoons that the kids who make up the brand's target demographic watch than those of their parents' youth. But longtime Froot Loops devotees have taken the new look Sam as a slap in the face and are airing their grievances on social media.

To me personally it looks like someone looked at a box of Fruit Loops on an acid trip, saw this version of Toucan Sam and thought it was a good idea to bring him into this world.

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