Shelli’s Quarantine Cooking French Toast

Shelli’s Quarantine Cooking French Toast


Kosher Challah Bread (the kind soft to the touch- my latest was from Zombick’s Bakery). Freeze unused.

2 eggs whipped up in blender

Very small sliver of real butter

Real Maple syrup, or granulated sugar, if you’re like my husband


While heating pammed up cast iron pan, place ¾ inch slices of 2-3 pieces of Challah in pyrex dish.

After a minute, flip bread in purex so it soaks up almost all of the egg.

Place soaked bread in the pan, pour any leftover egg on top.

Flip after about 2 minutes.

Should be golden brown on both sides when done.

Top with maple syrup (microwaved 15 seconds to take chill off from fridge).

Or top with sugar, like my John.

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