Law Teacher Captures X-Rated Act While Livestreaming Class

We all know by now that a lot of schools have taken time off, have gone to virtual teaching, or have decided to cancel the semester all together. Well this story takes place during one of those virtual classes.

A law class has gone viral online after the teacher caught two of her students participating in a sex act.

The teacher, who pauses her class for about five minutes to deal with the situation, is pretty disturbed by what she's seen, saying she needs to "bleach her eyes".

In the clip, the unknown teacher is going on with her lecture, when she notices what's going on and abruptly stops.

She can then be heard saying: "Let’s go a bit more into termin-, oh my god …

“Give me a minute guys I just want to bleach my eyes and my brain."

She continues: "I love you all but give me one sec, we’re going to have to have a talk now.

"Alright, um… so, I know that precedent is a very sexy topic and I love it when my audience is excited and animated and engaged… dear lord, but there’s a limit to that, and ironically it’s the law, law students.

"The student code of conduct that governs that, that being said, dear lord, if you’d like to have special love time with your partner... if you’d like to spend time with your partner, um... there are some perfectly sanitized and malleable beanbags, I’m sure there is an empty cinema around here still trying to make the movie Cats work, it’s empty, go for your life."

The unnamed woman goes on to admit that this isn't the first time something like this has happened in one of her classes.

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