Families Furious After Couple Cancels 2nd Wedding Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is ruining the big day for lots of couples who planned to get married in the coming weeks, and it seems one couple’s family is making things even worse for them.

The groom-to-be writes on Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum that he and his fiancée have been trying to get married for almost two years. They had to cancel their first wedding last April after getting into a car accident. After their families insisted on a big wedding they rescheduled to this April, and now that wedding is canceled due to the coronavirus.

The poster shares that while vendors have shown them “sympathy” in both cases, they are already out almost $20K on weddings that haven’t happened and they are over it. They now just want to get married by a justice of the peace, but their families are still insisting on a big wedding, and are even threatening not to acknowledge their civil wedding if they go through with it. 

The couple told the families that the only way they would have a big wedding now is if they paid for it, and both sets of parents are balking. He notes, “Are we the a**holes for saying that at this point there will only be a wedding if they are willing to pay for the whole thing, including a wedding planner?”

Most people agreed that the couple are definitely not in the wrong.

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