KISS's Manager Hints Band Might Continue Without Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley

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Kiss's 'End of the Road' tour is just that for the band's remaining co-founders, front man Paul Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons.

Fans have been understandably skeptical of Kiss's current farewell tour after the band's previous one 20 years ago didn't stick. Longtime manager Doc McGhee says he's certain Stanley and Simmons are truly ready to say goodbye at the band's final show on July 17, 2021 in New York City.

"I doubt things will ever change, but s--t happens all the time," McGhee told Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon. "But from what we believe, today, this is the end of the road, certainly for Gene and Paul."

McGhee added — to no one's surprise — that Kiss, as a brand, isn't going anywhere. The band plans to maintain its pop culture presence with more Kiss content, like "movies, Broadway shows, whatever? Everybody's talking about them... As far as a touring base, as far as going out and doing shows, no. There's not going to be any tours with Gene and Paul. In essence, that's the end of the road for Gene and Paul for sure."

Simmons and Stanley have repeatedly over the years lamented the physicality of Kiss's live shows on account of the band's iconic stage attire.

McGhee's focus on the co-founders is intensional, given Stanley's belief that Kiss could continue as a touring enterprise with no original members.

The front man has said repeatedly in recent years that Kiss's music and image is "so iconic" that "it transcends any of the members." He referenced the band's ability to endure the comings and goings of its other co-founders, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss.

How Kiss would move forward without its Stanley and Simmons — or whether it will ultimately try — remains to be seen.

Elsewhere in chat with Lafon, McGhee confirmed that a Kiss biopic is in the works. The band is planning to begin filming this year, with a theatrical release to come in time for the band's last show.

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