Take Me To The Movies: Gemini Man

“Gemini Man”

First things first: It’s Ang Lee directing a Will Smith action movie at 120 frames (4x faster) per second 3D. It’s visually very stunning and the fast speed makes it look very real. The action is great and so are the effects. 

My problem is that if you see the trailer or even just the billboard, you‘ve already had the entire plot spoiled. It doesn’t go anywhere from there. 

You’re going to see the new technology in film making. And no it’s actually not the de-aging process for the younger Will Smith, like in Scorsese’s “The Irishman.” It’s a different technique that creates a fully digital version of Will Smith, similar to what Lee did with the Tiger in “Life Of Pi.”

So…cool looking flick with not much story and flat acting. The technology is the star.

2 ♥

-Marc Coppola for Shelli Sonstein

“The Addams Family”

Everyone’s favorite comedic gothic family returns again, this time in a 3D computer-animated form. “Gomez” (Oscar Isaac), “Morticia” (Charlize Theron) and family are forced to move to…NJ (gasp!), interact with the “normal” 21st Century world and prepare a reunion party for their extended family of weirdos.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it 33%. Critics are not used to seeing such a sweet depiction of the Addams family and they’re calling it instantly forgettable. Any fun edge the characters have has been sanded away.

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