Jimmy Page Introduces Guitar Amplifier to Recreate 'Led Zeppelin I' Sound

A new amplifier is said to recreate the iconic guitar sounds of Led Zeppelin I, and its production was supervised by a man who would know: Jimmy Page.

The Sundragon is a boutique guitar amp meant as a recreation of the same one the guitar god Page used to record his first album with Led Zeppelin as well as other notable recordings like Joe Cocker's "With a Little Help From My Friends." 

While Page is best known to have climbed the stairway of volume from of a Marshall full stack, in fact, he used a variety of amplifiers on stage and in the studio throughout his Led Zeppelin years. 

The original amp used on Led Zeppelin I began its life as a Supro Coronado, but by the time it got to the recording studio it had been broken, repaired and modified a number of times. 

After a gauntlet of modifications, Page came to realize the amp was unlike any other and had an unusual character. To recapture those sounds for Zep's 50th anniversary, Page enlisted the help of engineers Mitch Colby and Perry Margouleff, who endeavored on a "forensic analysis" of the amp to create the Sundragon.

The first run of Sundragons will be just 50 amps, hand built this year by Colby and Margouleff and autographed by Page.

A standard model will arrive in 2020.

Last fall, Page announced he had partnered with Fender to recreate his custom-painted Telecaster from Zeppelin's early days.   

The first 50 guitars from the Fender Custom Shop will all have personal touches from Page himself, including the guitarist's signature on the headstock and hand-painted flourishes on the body artwork.

Photo: Getty Images

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