Jim Kerr Urges Ann Wilson to Hire Jimmy Page

Each time Q104.3 has been fortunate enough to have Jimmy Page in studio, he's insisted that he wants to play music again.

Well, if there's one person who can sing every song in Page's catalog, it's Ann Wilson of Heart, who famously brought Robert Plant to tears singing "Stairway to Heaven" at Led Zeppelin's 2016 Kennedy Center Honors.

We were fortunate enough to have Wilson in studio this week to discuss her new solo album, Immortal, which is a tribute to 10 iconic musicians we've lost in recent years. 

So as long as Page is interested in getting a gig, our Jim Kerr urged Wilson to make him an offer and see what happens. 

"That whole Led Zeppelin camp is very strange because they keep themselves kind of protected, so if you try to come at them from the outside, you may or may not ever penetrate the bubble," Wilson says. "But if they reach out, then they reached out."

Wilson indicated that the idea that she could collaborate with Page hadn't really occurred to her. She seemed to think it was a good idea, though.

"If Jimmy Page ever wanted to play and asked if I wanted to sing with him playing, of course I would just say yes in like a millimeter of a second. And I've worked with John Paul Jones before, and he's a fantastic musician ... such a gentleman." 

Yes, why not get JPJ involved, too?

Of course, whether or not Wilson ever makes that phone call to Page will probably have a lot to do with the outcome of an upcoming meeting with her sister Nancy Wilson

Ann says there are no plans to bring Heart back as of yet, but it could happen.

"Nancy and I will be getting together soon to talk and see if we have any ideas on that," Ann says. "I will never agree to going back out there in a mechanical, money-grab kind of way. At this point in my life, I'm not going to do that."

She continued that a Heart return would hinge on bringing some new ideas into the mix. 

"We'll talk and we'll see if we can figure out a fresh cool kind of way," she adds.

Watch the full interview above!

Immortal is due out September 14. Get all of Ann Wilson's tour dates here

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