Mr. Skin's Anatomy Awards - 2018 Edition

I'm not a fan of the Oscars. Sure I try to "guy" it up by building March Madness style brackets and compete with friends for the title of King of the Oscars, but other than that, it doesn't do much for me. Add in a drinking game about the endless political speeches (like we do) and you're pretty hungover the next day.

But Mr Skin, the man who turned "fast forwarding to the best scenes" into a real job, has his own annual awards show, and that's something that makes me stand at attention! 

Welcome to the 2018 Anatomy Awards. Mr Skin has the best categories. Forget Best Foreign Director. How about Best Butt. Goodbye Best Score. Let's hear it for Best Accidental Cheek Peek. And then there's the coveted (I assume) Lifetime Skinchievement Award.

Lots to talk about our friend Mr Skin:

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