Randy Bachman Reinterprets The Songs Of George Harrison

Randy Bachman

Randy Bachman took some time off from his very successful radio show in Canada to put together an amazing collection of George Harrison Beatles songs. But, as Randy points out, you WILL FAIL if you cover Beatles songs like the Beatles. You have to reinterpret them, make them your own.

By George – By Bachman is a collection of Harrison compositions along with one original song. 

Randy says, "I figured I would take George’s songs and give them new grooves. I wanted the tempos and arrangements to be different but still recognizable by the lyrics. I took the major keys and turned them into minors. It was a whole new interpretation of a familiar song. I was quite excited about the prospect of re-imagining George Harrison’s songs.”

The album opens and closes with “Between Two Mountains,” an original song written to tie the various elements together. In between are 11 Harrison compositions, but you will also hear bits of other songs. "Throughout the album, I put in little signature licks that are associated with George’s songs, like the slide part from ‘My Sweet Lord’ or the opening chord from ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ for the fans to notice. Kind of like Easter eggs.”

Bachman will play tracks off the album at B.B. King's in New York City on February 24th, the day before Harrison would have turned 75.

By George - By Bachman will be released on March 2nd. 

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