Recent Study Says This Class Is The Most Important At School

I don't know about you, but I hated gym class. Mr Rodgers was my freshman year teacher. On the first day of class, he yelled at most of us. We were all wearing white cotton t-shirts. He shouted, "there will be no wearing of underwear in class!" It only went down hill from there.

So I was happy to average out my low grade in PE with higher ones in the classes that I though were most important: science, math, English, French class

But this study out of Great Britain almost made me reconsider. Almost. Adults across the pond think Phys Ed is a more important school subject than history. Forty-two percent of those surveyed ranked gym class as "very important" --  compared to 39 percent who give history class the same value.

Well good for them. Gotta exercise those arm muscles to lift tea cups to their mouths because they're certainly not working them out with teeth brushing. But I digress...

Personally I think we should be encouraging students to study in S.T.E.M. programs. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The robot revolution is coming and the only jobs that will be left are robot repairmen. Repair women. Repair people. You, you know what I mean.

Look at the jobs we're losing: cashiers, truck drivers, hell, even your humble radio DJs. No job is safe in the future.

First they came for the bank tellers and I didn't stand because I wasn't a bank teller. Now they're coming for the lowly burger flippers:


So study up kids. You don't want to end up like Rick's Butter Passing Robot:

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